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Product Review: The Brand New Experience Range from Altra; Flow, Form & Wild

Altra Experience Shoe Range available at Run & Ride

Designed to keep you running, the all-new Altra Experience collection is a series of everyday, low-drop (4mm) running shoes that are great for ticking off the miles.

The Experience models still harmonise the brands ethos of producing running shoes that allow your toes to spread and your foot to sit in a natural position, and now also come with responsive cushioning and in a version for every type of runner.

With a focus on lightweight design and responsive cushioning, the Altra Experience range offers a smooth ride on any surface. The FootShape™ toe box encourages natural toe splay, while the low 4mm drop platform promotes a more efficient stride. Whether you're logging miles for marathon training or tackling speed workouts, these shoes will keep you comfortable and supported from start to finish.

Altra Experience Range: Flow, Form & Wild

Experience Wild

For those who crave off-road exploration beyond the beaten path, the Wild model is your ticket to freedom. With a minimalist design and ultra-flexible construction, the Altra Experience Wild shoes allow your feet to move naturally and adapt to any terrain. Whether you're forging your own path through the wilderness or tackling technical trails with confidence, these shoes provide the flexibility and agility you need to thrive in the wild.

Experience Form

For runners who prioritise biomechanics and form, the Form model offers a unique approach to running footwear. Designed to promote proper alignment and efficient movement, these shoes feature a low-profile design and targeted support to help you maintain optimal form throughout your run. Whether you're a seasoned runner looking to refine your technique or a novice seeking guidance, the Altra Experience Form shoes are here to support you every step of the way.

Experience Flow

Finally, we have the Flow model, which is all about finding your rhythm and embracing the joy of running. With a focus on fluid motion and effortless transitions, the Altra Experience Flow shoes offer a smooth, natural ride that feels like an extension of your body. Whether you're logging easy miles or cruising at tempo pace, these shoes encourage a seamless connection between mind, body, and pavement, so you can experience the purest form of running bliss.

In summary, no matter your running style or terrain preference, the Altra Experience range has a model to suit your needs. From the smooth roads to the rugged trails, from the untamed wilderness to the refined biomechanics of proper form, these shoes are designed to empower you to run with confidence, freedom, and joy.


  1. Road, Trail, Wild, Form, and Flow models offer specialised features to suit a variety of running styles and preferences.

  2. Innovative designs promote natural movement, biomechanical efficiency, and optimal performance on any terrain.

  3. Comfortable fit, responsive cushioning, and stylish designs ensure a premium running experience from start to finish.


  1. Some may find the low-drop design takes some getting used to, especially if you're accustomed to more traditional running shoes.

The full Altra Experience range is available in a variety of colour-ways in-store at Run and Ride & online here.


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