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Welcome to Run & Ride AC. Based at Milford near Stafford, we’re a small group of runners of all abilities who share the same love for running… whether that be road or trail, long runs or short runs, we love it all.

One of our aims is to make club running uncomplicated and straight forward. Remove as much of the red tape as possible and focus on running and the social side of being in a club.
If that sounds like the kind of thing you'd like to be a part of, come & join us! 

Get Involved!

Whilst many of us have been running for years another of our aims is to encourage new runners and help them develop. As the club grows we’ll be offering everything a new runner needs from helpful advice to training sessions to help you achieve your running goals. 


For regular runners our Monday night runs (6.30-7.30pm from our Milford store) are the perfect way to start the week.


Relaxed and social where you can cover a few steady miles and chat about the weekend or the week coming. We cover around 5 miles at a 9 -10min mile pace on mixed terrain. We never leave anybody behind and welcome all ages.


If your looking for a quicker run, check out our Wednesday night trail run (6.30-7.30pm from our Milford store). It's just the ticket to get some good solid miles in over Cannock Chase at a quicker (7-8min mile) pace to test the legs. 

RRAC Club Members


Our club is English Athletics affiliated and is free to join, however there is a charge associated with English Athletics membership. 


Our joining policy has one important requirement: potential new members are referred to us via current member(s).


If you know a current member please contact them for an introduction, or join them on one of our weekly runs, we'd love to see you.


English Athletics membership runs from April 1st - March 31st. Your membership fee will not pro-rata so you will need to renew even if the full 12 month term is not fully utilised from the date of joining.  

It costs £18/year (£17 + £1 fee) and is valid only until the following March 31st. 


Please provide all the required member info at checkout. Missing data may result in your RRAC & England Athletics membership being void.

England Athletics Reg No. 7693738

Club Discounts Available

Purchase a club garment and represent RRAC with pride! Your valued contribution goes a long way towards keeping our club going.


Don't forget to use your club membership code (you'll find it in your Membership Confirmation email) to save 15%. This discount code can also be used to save another 15% on our in-house events.

Our Events

Use the links below to enter our upcoming events or to read about our previous escapades. If you've missed out, don't worry they'll be something very soon for you to get your teeth into.

Event League

For our Event League we’ve chosen local races that cover both on and off road running / short and long distances. 


Runners will need to have a counting finish in up to 8 of these events. Points will be awarded for your club ranking position:- 100 for 1st, 99 for 2nd and so on. The runners with the best overall score will win the trophy (or whatever we decide as suitable reward).


Categories are as follows:


Junior Male / Female (Under 18)  •  Male / Female (18 to 39)  •  Vet Male / Female (40+)

  • Where Do You Meet?
    Generally our run meeting place will be at Run & Ride, Milford, ST17 0UR. Car Parking is available. Don’t be put off by the fact we’re meeting at a store. There’s no hard sell or anything like that. It’s just a great place to meet with excellent facilities and a pub next door.
  • How Can I Join One Of Your Runs?
    All you have to do is turn up! We’re happy for anybody to join our runs, member or not. We do ask that people consider joining our club once they’ve attended 2 or 3 runs & have decided that they'd like to continue.
  • I’m a new runner, can I still join?
    Of course you can. We recommend you join one of our starter groups to help you learn & progress correctly.
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