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Product Review: 2023 Scott Lumen eRIDE 900 Electric Mountain Bike.

2022 Scott Genius eRIDE 920 Electric Mountain Bike

An E-MTB with the weight of an MTB, only 16.3kg! Take the best Cross-Country/Trail platform to date, the Spark 900, top it off with 130mm of travel, add a completely silent and powerful electric assistance, yet keep its legendary lightweight DNA, and you are ready to ride any trail at 'Nino Schurter’ speed.

The Scott Lumen eRide 900 is an embodiment of performance and innovation. With a lightweight design weighing just 16.3kg, it strikes the perfect balance between agility and stability. The bike's Spark Carbon Fibre HMX frame guarantees strength and durability, ensuring a reliable ride on demanding terrains. Equipped with a smaller yet torquey 360Wh battery delivering an unprecedented weight/power ratio of 1.8 kg for 50Nm.

Responsive Suspension System

The eRide 900's FOX Nude 5T EVOL rear shock takes the riding experience to new heights. With its responsiveness and customisable features, it absorbs impacts and bumps, delivering enhanced comfort and control on rough trails. This exceptional suspension system allows riders to maintain stability and enjoy a smooth ride, even when navigating technical descents or tackling challenging terrains.

Scott's inclusion of a FOX dropper post on the Lumen eRide 900 further enhances control and versatility. This feature enables riders to adjust their saddle height on the fly, seamlessly transitioning between climbing and descending positions, empowering riders with greater manoeuvrability and confidence on steep descents and technical sections, ensuring optimal control and stability throughout their rides.

Versatility and Adventure-Ready Features

Designed to excel in diverse riding scenarios, the Scott Lumen eRide 900 adapts to various terrains and challenges. Its lightweight construction, advanced suspension system, and responsive components make it ideal for climbing, descending, and cruising on smooth trails. The eRide 900's efficient electric assistance and durable frame make it a reliable and adventure-ready companion for mountain bikers of all skill levels.

In conclusion, the Scott Lumen eRide 900 electric mountain bike is an exceptional choice for riders seeking thrilling adventures. With its lightweight design, durable Spark Carbon Fibre HMX frame, responsive suspension system with the FOX Nude 5T EVOL rear shock, and the added control of the FOX Dropper Post, this bike delivers a remarkable riding experience.

It's no surprise that Scott's multi-World Champion MTB rider Nino Schurter uses this bike for pre-lap warm-ups, allowing him to ride at race pace without suffering from fatigue. This endorsement speaks volumes about the bike's performance and highlights its ability to meet the demands of professional riders who push the limits of their physical capabilities.

Elevate your mountain biking adventures with the Scott Lumen eRide 900 and immerse yourself in the excitement of the trails like never before.

Key Features:

  • Spark Carbon HMX Frame

  • FOX 34 Float Factory 130mm Fork

  • FOX Nude 5T EVOL, TwinLoc, 130mm

  • SRAM GX AXS Eagle 12 Speed

  • Shimano XT 4 Piston Disc Brakes

  • Syncros Silverton 1.5 TR Wheels

  • FOX Dropper Post, Syncros CF Parts

The 2023 Scott Lumen eRIDE 900 is available in-store at Run and Ride & online here.


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