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New Brand Alert! AW21 Altura cycling clothing is now available at Run & Ride!

Altura has recently gone through something of a rebrand and we're really exited to have them onboard.

Every Altura creation is born out of necessity - a need for each jersey, jacket, pair of tights, accessory and bag, to function flawlessly. Encouraging riders from the beginner to the enthusiast, road and gravel, adventurer and commuter alike, to relish those moments on the bike which leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Technical fabrics and features combine with decades of trusted expert attention to detail to ensure on-the-bike comfort on the longest of rides and toughest of conditions.

It's fair to say that, historically, we were never big fans of the Altura 'look'. We have no doubts over the quality of the garments themselves, it's the graphics that didn't appeal. Oversized logos & large blocks of contrasting colour was never really our bag. However, and it's a big however! Things have changed, and in our eyes, massively for the better. Gone is the cheap looking aesthetic, in it's place is a range that would sit very comfortably alongside our our other quality brands - Scott & POC - at a much more affordable price too.

Take a look at our video for a full review of our in-stock Altura items that we're sure you'll love.


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