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Get 20% off a brand new helmet when you send us a pic of the damaged one you're replacing.

During February only, we are offering anyone the opportunity to save 20% on the cost of a new lid & all you have to do is send us a pic of your old one.

This fantastic offer is available to anyone who purchases a new helmet at full RRP between 1st - 28th February 2022. We don't even want you to waste your time & money by sending us your old helmet, a simple photo will do.

How this works

  • Purchase a new helmet as normal at full RRP. Shop here.

  • If you're happy with your purchase it's time to send us a picture of your old helmet.

  • Send your photos in via a social media DM or email us at - Don't forget to include your order number.

  • We will then refund you 20% of the purchase price.

Please note: By participating in our promotion you are giving us consent to share your photo's on our social media channels. It's also worth mentioning that we are not encouraging you to needlessly damage a perfectly good helmet that someone else could still use. Donate it rather than add it to landfill. Nor do we want you hurt yourself just to secure a discount - running head first into solid objects is NOT recommended.

Take advantage of this brilliant offer & shop for your new helmet here.


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