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Here's your first peek at the brand new 2022 Scott Spark RC full suspension mountain bike.

Fast is Fun!

The ALL NEW Spark RC is the perfect blend of top-notch carbon engineering, never before seen levels of integration and just the right amount of secret sauce. We wanted to make this platform faster than ever before both up and down the hill. Increasing travel, perfecting geometry, and applying input from the world's best athletes, we've created the cross country race bike of all cross country race bikes. If you think fast is fun, then you're going to love this ride.

A full suspension bike will never have success without, well, good suspension design. From the first time we rode the Spark’s single pivot layout we fell in love. Years later, we still believe that for the high-pace and technical aspect of modern cross-country racing, it is the best approach.

The Spark’s suspension layout has a very specific and proven kinematic and less unsprung mass. Using a flex pivot in the seat stay is an ideal solution for bikes in this travel range. This allows us to keep a very lightweight system while still ensuring optimal suspension performance.

Here's Scott's very own XC legend, Nick Craig giving us the lowdown...

Integrated Suspension technology:

Now, a more noticeable change is that we’ve moved to a frame platform with an integrated shock.

Why you ask? Well for one, we think it looks fantastic. But if we take a deeper look, this approach allows us to refine suspension characteristics without sacrificing weight. Often, when working with bikes at this level, the concept of marginal gains becomes an ever important one.

For the optimal performance of a suspension shock, power transfer must be the most direct possible. What we want to avoid are any inefficient directional movements, in other words, lateral movements (sideways to the direction of travel) as the shock goes through its compression.

Having an integrated shock allows us to improve this in several ways. Firstly, the frame construction around the shock and with the trunnion mount can be designed to be much more rigid, reducing movement and fostering more efficient power transfer. We can also add much larger bearings to the seat tube pivot, further reinforcing this area and reducing any unnecessary motion. Our integrated Suspension technology also helps us to engineer frames with a lower shock placement which lowers centre of gravity. As a result, the bike benefits from better handling, and a more stable, confidence inspiring ride for the end user.

While these may seem like minor improvements individually, the sum of their parts results in more efficient shock performance.

Additionally, the shock is fully protected from any foreign elements. Rainy race? No problem, your shock will continue to perform at its best regardless.

“Not only did I know that this bike was something else when I saw it for the first time, but when I rode it for the first time I knew that SCOTT Sports had created another winner. Light, fast, capable - everything I want from a modern XC race bike and so much more.”

- Nino Schurter, 8x World Champion & 7x World Cup Champion


Where to Buy

This incredible new XC whip isn't yet available in stores (boooo!), as soon as it is we'll let you know.

Need help finding our store? This will help.


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